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Honda B-Series T3 Ram Horn Turbo Manifolds!



Honda B-Series Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold



Pro Series Oil Breather Catch Can

KA24DE Top Mount Turbo Manifold



Honda S2000 Oil Breather Catch Can & Coolant Overflow Tank

Nissan S13 240sx Coolant Overflow Tank



Engine Building Services

Blueridge Motorsports offers many engine building services to our customers. From stock replacement overhauls to extreme high performance builds, we have you covered! Call or email us at today for a quote on your next project.

Sleeved Block Pricing on your block core, plus to & from Shipping charges:

Honda D16, B16, B17, B18 B20, H22, H23, K20, K24,
Complete enginge block service includes:

Using your Core engine block:

$1595 & UP.
Clean & Soda blast
Machining block & installing sleeves
Deck Resurface
Main Bore Align Hone
New Main Bolts or Studs
Final Bore & Hone (Pistons must on hand)

Additional Services Offered:

Bore & Hone Only $195
Polish & Balance Crankshaft $200
Polish Crankshaft Only $100
Pressure Test Cylinder Head $65
Resurface Head or 4 Cyl Block $85
Bore Intake Manifold $95
Port Match Intake Manifold & Gasket $175
CNC Machine & Oring Block $250

CNC Cylinder Head Services on you core plus shipping to & from:

Honda & Acura (Most 4 Cylinder Applications:

1 Package, 1 Price. This is the Real Deal Job

$1250 Plus Shipping & Handling (Your Head Required)

5 Axis CNC port, CNC Chambers, spec 5 angle valve job, clean, & assemble with your provided Valves, Springs, Seals & Retainers:

Reccomended Upgrades:

16 New Valve Seats - Spec/MCP Material
Machined & Installed

16 Supertech +100lbs spring seat pressure
16 Supertech Bronze guides
8 Supertech SS Intake Valves
8 Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valves
32 CNC Valve Locks
16 Valve Seals
Installation of All

Combustion Camber & Exhaust Thermal Coating

CNC Port Match Intake Manifold Inlet & Ports

CNC Port Match New Hondata Thermal Intake Gasket


B Series Block

B-Series Engine Build

B-Series Block Girdle

Setting Cam Degree

From factory rebuilds to full built race engines, Blueridge Motorsports has you covered...

85MM Honda Race Block

BRMS CNC Race Head

B18C1 Race Head

Let Blueridge Motorsports build your next 1200HP engine! You won't be disappointed! Contact us today at